Supporting Women and Families

The Supporting Women and Families working group developed legislation to improve healthcare for Illinois women and families. 

Supporting Illinois Women and Families
The House Republican Caucus filed constructive legislation which will further elevate healthcare for women and families in our state. Our approach addresses food deserts, the need to increase our healthcare workforce, and maternal healthcare in Illinois.

Improving Healthcare for All Women
House Republicans aim to create a Maternal Health and Well-Being Workgroup that addresses the issues within the Illinois Department of Public Health. Reducing the percentage of women who have died while pregnant is a top priority along with focusing on mental health that contributes to maternal complications.

More Illinois Doctors to Support Illinois Women and Families
HB 4073 provides greater attention to graduate medical education and training programs which addresses the healthcare workforce shortage. By keeping medical students working in Illinois during their residency program, there will be better opportunities for women to find the care that they need and deserve without traveling difficult distances.

Women are Leaders in Illinois
The House Republican Caucus is focused on helping Illinois women in three areas: taking leadership in their own healthcare, taking leadership in businesses and trades, and taking leadership in bettering the lives of children. We trust women to make great decisions for themselves and their families!

The working group crafted legislation to address food deserts, increase the healthcare workforce, and improve maternal healthcare in our home state. More >>

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