Durkin Announces Sexual Harassment Hotline Legislation

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin announced the introduction of legislation that will create a sexual harassment hotline for victims and witnesses in Illinois. The new legislation creates a hotline that will provide victims of sexual harassment the necessary tools to safely and proactively report instances of sexual harassment in the workplace.

“As disturbing reports of sexual harassment in state government have come to light, we must ensure that we are doing everything in our capacities to end this behavior for all Illinois residents,” Leader Durkin said. “By making it easier and safer for victims to report sexual harassment behavior through the hotline, we are empowering them to stand strong against their perpetrators.”

Run by the Illinois Department of Human Rights, the hotline will be a safe outlet for victims to help find counseling services, protective services and assist in the filing of sexual harassment complaints through the proper agencies.

In addition to state employees, this hotline is available to all Illinois residents. Witnesses of sexual harassment are also encouraged to file reports in order to bring sexual harassment to an end.