Re-open businesses SAFELY and prevent another Business Closure

COVID-19 has done so much damage to the economy that we need to be proactive to prevent a second shutdown of businesses. As we get ready to re-open Illinois for Phase 4 we should consider that COVID-19 is known to infest heating, venting, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) that provide fresh air indoors. A stream of fresh air from an infested HVAC system could be spreading the virus to all who enter. This can be prevented with the use of inexpensive UV-C germicidal lights that are added to the return air flow duct of existing HVAC systems. I purchased a UV-C germicidal sterilizer light for my family's protection online and installed myself, or an HVAC tech can source it and install it as well. All commercial businesses in Illinois would benefit from a requirement to install a UV-C germicidal light. A requirement to maintain a UV-C light could be as commonplace as fire extinguisher maintenance logs, elevator inspections, or health inspections. A 2021 WINTER quarantine would further devastate the economy.