Durkin’s Firearm Trafficking Bill Heads to Governor

“Today I passed House Bill 6303 unanimously from the House of Representatives. This bill creates the offense of Firearms Trafficking. This bill targets straw purchasers – those who skirt Illinois firearm laws by buying guns in other states  – and then resell them in the illegal black market. 

Just this past weekend in Chicago, 69 men and women were shot and 6 killed. To date in Chicago, 230 citizens have been shot and killed, and 1293 citizens have been shot and wounded. The Chicago Police has made it very clear that the increase in this violence is from street gang members using illegally acquired guns – mainly through straw purchases.

This new crime carries the penalty of a Class 1 Felony with the possibility of prison time from 4-15 years.  The penalties are strong but necessary.  We must do our part.  I thank the Illinois House of Representatives for their bipartisan support.”