Durkin Announces House Republican Leadership Team

House Republican Leader – Elect Jim Durkin today is announcing the names of his House Republican Leadership Team. 

Durkin named State Representative David Leitch (R-Peoria) and State Representative Patti Bellock (R-Westmont) as his Deputy Leaders.   Leitch is the longest serving member in the Illinois House Republican Caucus and brings tremendous knowledge to the team.   Rep. Bellock has successfully led the charge for Medicaid reform over the past several years and is the first woman to serve as a Deputy Leader for the House Republican Caucus.

“One of the largest and most complicated segments of the state budget is Medicaid and no one knows the topic better than Representatives Bellock and Leitch.   Both are very compassionate when it comes to caring for our most vulnerable citizens, while making sure taxpayers are protected from waste and abuse.  Members of our caucus have to come to rely on their opinion on issues related to human services programs and the budget and both are highly respected by their peers.  I am thrilled to have both of them on my team.”

Durkin has named State Representatives:  Dan Brady (R-Bloomington), Chad Hays (R-Danville) Bill Mitchell (R-Forsyth), JoAnn Osmond (R-Gurnee), Dennis Reboletti (R-Addison), and Mike Tryon (R- Crystal Lake) as Assistant Leaders.  Mike Bost will serve as Conference Chair.   It will be his job to ensure caucus meetings are conducted in an orderly manner.   

“Each of these members brings a different perspective and area of expertise to the team and all want the best for the residents of Illinois.  I have tremendous faith and trust in each of them and am ready to sit down with them to develop an agenda and work on issues important to families and employers in Illinois,” said Durkin.  

While the team has been selected and will meet during the first week of veto session, Durkin’s new leadership team becomes effective on November 1, 2013.