Durkin Advances Local Control Measure for Lyons Township HS

A bill sponsored by State Representative Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) unanimously passed through the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that would allow Lyons Township High School District 204 to withdraw from the jurisdiction and authority of the trustees of schools of Lyons Township and the township treasurer. The local high school board would be required to elect or appoint its own school treasurer.

“House Bill 5572 (Committee Amendment #1) is about local control.  Lyons Township High School can capably handle their accounting and payroll.  The township treasurer is an outdated branch of government and Lyons Township High School should be allowed to perform these services in house,” said Durkin.

Township School treasurer Offices once the norm statewide, were originally established to assist school districts with financial issues, most were eliminated back in the 60s – except in Cook County.   Current law requires school districts within Class 11 (Cook) county school units to use the township treasurer.  Class 11 schools do have the option of electing or appointing their own school treasurer, but must seek approval of at least 5 members of each school board in the District; they must pass a resolution to remove jurisdiction from each school board; the question must then go to the voters via referendum; and the majority of voters must agree to remove jurisdiction of township treasurer.

 “It will be an uphill battle to get this bill through the House and Senate, but I am going to keep pushing because I trust the Lyons Township High School parents and school officials to know what is best for them and the decision whether or not to break away from the Township Treasurer should be theirs alone.”