College Illinois Interview

I was interviewed by Reuters News Service about College Illinois and a first step to bring greater transparency to the program. Please be reassured that many of my colleagues and I are committed to "righting" the ship at College Illinois and are committed to making college education affordable. 

While there has been much publicity over the program the past six months, I want you to know that I have confidence in the new ISAC Board and the new Chair. I am pleased to say that a stakeholder (a College Illinois contract holder) who manages a billion dollar fund has accepted an appointment to the Board and will be sworn in at the next meeting. 
I commend the Governor for this decision. Last summer, I told the Governor that it was extremely important that a Board position at ISAC be filled by a stakeholder in College Illinois. I believe it is important that you have one of your own on the Board. The fund is at 70% and did see an increase in its value this last quarter. I believe the investment decisions moving forward will be prudent and wise. This will be a process and will take time. 

I still believe that College Illinois is a great program – that is why I am a contract holder for my daughter. Again, rest assured that we have not and will not take our "eye off the ball" on this important program. 
Interview on College Illinois