Increase limit of days that retired teachers can work as teachers in public schools

I'm a retired teacher living in Momence. I'm writing in regard to last year's SB3201, which passed the Senate, but failed to go through the House. That bill, which had been introduced by Sen. Napoleon Harris would have increased the limit that retired teachers like me could work as a teacher in the public schools from the current 120 days to 140 days. I'm asking that you please consider sponsoring or supporting such a bill in the current legislative session. I know that almost every school district is struggling to find enough substitute teachers to fill both short and long term vacancies. Also, to be honest, as a retiree I feel it is far better for me to use my teaching talents to help students than to sit home and watch boring tv shows all day. I could not see a down side to SB 3201, but for some reason the House failed to pass it. I really don't see a good reason to limit the help that retired teachers can give in helping to ease the shortage of substitute teachers. I hope that in this legislative session a similar bill can go through. Thank you, John E. Rehmer