Let Income Tax Increase Expire - Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin

Let Income Tax Increase Expire

In a lame duck session in 2011, the Democrat-controlled legislature imposed a 67% income tax increase on every working person in the state of Illinois. They promised it was temporary and set it to rollback on January 1, 2015. Now they want to make that tax increase permanent.

We don't think it's right. If you agree, please add your name to the petition below and take the added step of sharing it with your friends.

Let's make them keep their promise.


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    Sign the petition: Let Income Tax Increase Expire
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    let it expire let t he crooks cut their reckless spending
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    Even though I am not in your state district, I am signing this petition hoping it still counts to influence our new legislators in Illinois. However, I am in your House of Representatives district and I congratulate you for winning the recent election. I request that you carry your aggressive positions to Washington and begin by voting John Behner out as Speaker of the House and supporting a true conservative like Trey Gowdy. Thank you!
  • signed 2014-12-18 08:21:18 -0600
    Mike, I look forward to your continued representation on our interests. We seniors need your help in reducing our real estate tax burden. It is apparent that the dishonest politics of Cook County continue to infest the need for CHANGE in Springfield, hopefully, Bruce Rauner with your help will make a positive difference. I am being taxed out of my home, like many other seniors and no one in Springfield seems to care. That attitude in WRONG and DISHONEST.
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    Sign the petition: Let Income Tax Increase Expire
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    Roll back the tax, Roll back the Illinois lawmakers paychecks, lets live with in our means, If we can’t afford to pay you then some government jobs not policemen (Start at the top, Law Makers) need to go. How about temporary Pay cuts across the board for all the law makers for a few years. We need term limits.
  • signed 2014-12-08 20:42:58 -0600
    Roll back this temporary tax. Keep your promise. Everyone knows when it comes to the government, nothing is more permanent then a temporary tax. The more money they get the more they spend foolishly. We can not trust what they tell us. It is all self serving. They do not represent us. I am sick of it. The state of Illinois is an embarrassment. We have to live within our means, why can’t they ???
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    Sign the petition: Let Income Tax Increase Expire
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    Keep your promise and keep it temporary! Curb the spending and prepare a budget that will pay the bills and reduce our debt! Live within the means like households have to.
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    Sign the petition: Let Income Tax Increase Expire
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    Most of my friends I grew up with in IL have left this state and now live in states with no income tax, property tax is 70% less then what we pay and their states have a surplus. The IL leadership has destroyed this state with debt and pension issues, we are the worst state in job creation, no companies wants to come here—-Make the necessary government cuts like successful states do and get your hands out of my wallet.
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