House Republican Leader Durkin to Lead Fight Against Tax Hike

Springfield…. On the heels of what might prove to be the first in a long line of tax increase votes, Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin (R, Western Springs) is launching an online petition drive against the effort to make the Illinois Temporary Tax increase of 2011 permanent.

 “What Illinois needs right now are leaders committed to creating jobs, not running them out,” said Durkin.  “What we have instead is an assault on the taxpayers of Illinois in the form of numerous and continued attempts to raise taxes.  This has to stop.”

On January 11, 2011 Illinois Democrats raised taxes by 67% during a lame duck session in what sponsors claimed would be a short term solution to paying Illinois’ bills.  Three years later, Illinois continues to carry over $7 billion in unpaid bills while staring down the second highest unemployment rate in the nation at 8.7%. 

Earlier this session, Republicans signed on to House Joint Resolution 80, unanimously supporting the revenue estimate of $34.5 billion putting Illinois in a position to allow the tax increase to expire.  Despite this spending limit, Illinois Democrats have proceeded to introduce multiple tax proposals seeking to increase revenues beyond this spending authority. 

Durkin insisted we should shift focus to job creation.  

“We stand for the 570 thousand unemployed Illinoisans and countless others who are underemployed,” added Durkin.  “We stand for the taxpayers who are tired of their hard-earned money being yanked out of their pockets and who are finding it harder and harder to buy groceries; to fill their gas tank; and send  their children to college to preserve their American dream.   The only way to get out of the mess we are in is to grow our economy – not raise taxes.” 

If you agree with Leader Durkin and the House Republicans and want to sign the petition, please visit the Office of the House Republican Leader’s website at

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