RISE Legislation

The RISE Working Group introduced legislation that will lower taxes, decrease burdensome regulation, control excessive litigation, and promote affordable energy to improve our communities and allow future generations to prosper.

  • HB 1218 (Schmidt) Creates the Metro East Development Act

  • HB 1372 (Friess) Adds physical therapists to the list of healthcare providers who may examine a claimant for the homestead exemption for persons with disabilities

  • HB 1459 (McCombie) Raises exclusion amount for estate taxes to federal level

  • HB 2588 (Weaver) Each property tax bill shall contain a separate statement for each of the taxing districts setting forth the dollar amount of tax due. None to State

  • HB 3273 (Hammond) Exempts certain businesses form utility taxes during times of surge pricing 

  • HB 3580 (Wilhour) Taxpayer may claim depreciation at fed tax level

  • HB 4080 (Ugaste) Party must be 50% or more liable before joint and several liability

  • HB 4081 (Stephens) Small Business cybersecurity

  • HB 4082 (Ugaste) Combines worker comp. bills into one: HB 1543, 1545, 1547, 1549 and 1550

  • HB 4083 (Egofske) Provides that each taxing district shall continuously monitor its cash and cash equivalent assets, if 5 times avergae surplus then grant abatement to taxpayers None to State

  • HB 4084 (Sanalitro) Community College training inside companies Unknown

  • HB 4085 (Wilhour) CEJA CO2 cap waivers None to State

  • HB 4085 (Wilhour) Creates the Energy Review Commission

  • HB 4087 (Ugaste) Combines worker comp. bills into one: HB 1544 and 1546

  • HR 280 (Davidsmeyer) Admonish and implore administration to conduct 5 year Small Business Regulatory Review