Weigh In

This week the governor made clear today that he is ready to work across party lines to enact a balanced budget that includes reforms aimed at growing the economy.  With that he added that if Democrats remain unwilling to work in a bipartisan manner, then he's also willing to reduce spending on his own to bring our State's expenditures in line with existing revenues.

In his annual budget address Governor Rauner laid out two clear plans for balancing the budget. One involves working together on a comprehensive approach and the other involves deeper cuts. Either way, the governor is ready to act, and it’s time the Democrats get serious about how they plan to balance the budget because it's not too late to strike a compromise.

According to the Department of Revenue's projections, if we come together and pass structural reforms, we can still save billions over the next five years. That’s more money for our schools. More money for social services. More money for roads and bridges. And ultimately, more money for the citizens of Illinois.

Do you agree with Gov. Rauner that any budget deal must include reforms?

What do you think?