Who do you trust? Parents or Politicians..

All too often we are seeing politicians trying to supplant the role of parents, with disastrous results for our kids! Learning loss, mental health concerns, child developmental delays, and radical curriculum changes are dominating parental frustrations across the country and, especially, here in Illinois. House Republicans have fought to protect parents’ rights in the face of emboldened attacks on families by politicians. Join us in signing our petition to send a strong message to the politicians — stay out of parenting!

I support the following bills to restore parental rights:
• Allows Parents to opt Students out of Objectionable Curriculum (House Bill 5350)
• Comprehensive Sexual Education Requires Parent Opt-In (House Bill 5349)
• Reinstate Parental Notification of Abortion (House Bill 4378)
• Restores Local Control over COVID Mitigations (House Resolution 416)

Will you sign?