Literacy Legislation

The LIFE working Group introduced a bold legislative package that addresses issues in our schools, takes action on the teacher shortage, and creates more transparency between parents and schools.

  • HB 1213 (Caulkins) Teacher Master's degree scholarships

  • HB 1297 (Elik) TRS optional credit for private school teachers

  • HB 4066 (Weaver) Establishes the Parent Advisory Committee in ISBE, and requires school boards to implement a policy allowing parents to review curricula.

  • HB 4067 (Swanson) Allows for literacy related teacher professional development

  • HB 4068 (Schmidt) Extends sunset for additional return to service for retired teachers

  • HB 4069 (Friess) Allows for those fluent in a foreign language with a bachelor's to teach school foreign language courses. Establishes a teacher apprenticeship program

  • HB 4070 (Severin) Comprehensive Literacy Plan

  • HR 256 (Swanson) Read with your Child Week