Improving Public Safety

After months-long discussions with stakeholders, including crime victim advocates and law enforcement professionals, our Truth in Public Safety (TIPS) working group introduced measures in the form of legislation that focus on three main areas:  Protecting crime victims, retaining and recruiting law enforcement officers and ensuring pre-trial fairness applies to everyone, including victims and the public.

Improving Public Safety by Standing Up for Law Enforcement
Crime is spiraling out of control under the Democrats’ dangerous soft-on-crime policies. Ensuring the safety of all Illinois residents is the top priority of House Republicans. Our thoughtful, balanced, public safety legislative package is fair and supports law enforcement.

Protecting Victims of Crime
The Democrats’ SAFE-T Act tipped the scale too far in protecting and enhancing the rights of criminals at the expense of those who have been harmed by those same criminals. That’s not fair, justice requires a better balance.

The Real Pre-Trial Fairness Act
The SAFE-T Act ends the current cash bail system and allows for several non-detainable offenses that prevent a judge from keeping dangerous people off our streets. After hearing from State’s Attorneys and retired judges, House Republicans filed responsible reforms that give judges more discretion based on the Illinois Supreme Court’s Commission on Pretrial Practices.

Recruitment and Retention of Law Enforcement Officers
House Republicans understand that there is no public safety without the men and women of law enforcement. We uphold these brave public servants and support new protections for those on the job while we seek new approaches to recruit a new generation of heroes to keep our streets safe.

Legislation to Curb Crime
Our legislation will reduce crime and provide peace of mind to families. More >>

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