Illinois Needs Ethics Reform

Sign the petition to close these ethical loopholes. 

Indicted politicians are permitted, under Illinois law, to use their campaign war chests to pay lawyers to defend their actions, including against allegations of public corruption.


  • I urge my State Representative to support a bill to ban indicted politicians and officeholders from using their political campaign funds for legal defense against criminal charges for public corruption.


Indicted officeholders, under Illinois law, are permitted to keep their taxpayer-funded pension and healthcare benefits while awaiting trial for public corruption.


  • I urge my State Representative to ban indicted officeholders from getting pension benefits once indicted, unless they are cleared of criminal charges.


The Illinois Inspector General’s Office is not permitted to compel testimony from witnesses regarding allegations of corruption without first seeking legislative approval.


  • I urge my State Representative to finally give the legislative ethics watchdog’s office

subpoena power to compel testimony about public corruption, harassment or misconduct, without having to ask legislative permission.


Will you sign?