Durkin Named to Lead Select Committee on Discipline

SPRINGFIELD—Today House Republican Leader Tom Cross (R-Oswego) named State Representative Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) House Manager - Minority Caucus of the Select Committee on Discipline for State Representative Derek Smith.
Smith was arrested in March on allegations of taking a $7,000 cash bribe in exchange for writing a letter on behalf of a daycare center seeking a state grant.

Since March the House convened a Special Investigative Committee to look into the charges against Smith. The Special Investigative Committee today released its findings that reasonable grounds exist to bring a charge against State Representative Derrick Smith for formal disciplinary action.
“I regret that we once again must go down this road, but it is an important function of this chamber and I accept this position,” said Durkin.
In 2009, Durkin served as the ranking Republican on the House Investigative Impeachment Committee of former governor Rod Blagojevich. He has also previously served as an Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney and an Assistant Illinois Attorney General. He currently works in private practice at a Chicago law firm.
The Select Committee on Discipline will be composed of 12 members of the House, 6 appointed by the Speaker and Minority Leader. The House Managers, one from each caucus, will present the case to the committee similar to a prosecutor in a court.
“I plan to work cooperatively with my counterpart to bring closure to this issue,” said Durkin. “I plan to review the committee report and present the evidence in a thorough and timely manner.”
The committee will need to meet within 30 days to review the specifications and charges from the Special Investigative Committee and then the members will choose if Smith should be expelled from the House, reprimanded, censured or if no penalty shall be invoked.
A resolution finding a member at fault regarding a charge may be adopted by a vote of 71 or more members of the House. An expulsion resolution requires a vote of 79 or more members of the House.