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Your Second Amendment Rights are Under Attack

A sweeping new gun control effort by Democrats has been introduced in the Illinois General Assembly and may be voted on in a Lame Duck Session in early January.

Second Amendment Rights of legal gun owners would be severely limited under HB 5855. Within the bill, Democrats have created a new definition of “assault weapon” to include almost every kind of semi-automatic weapon currently available to law-abiding citizens. This legislation represents a direct attack on the Constitutional rights afforded to citizens of the United States to protect themselves, their families, and their property.

Provisions of HB 5855 include:

• Creating a gun registry for almost every kind of semi-automatic weapon,
• Outlawing magazines holding more than 10 rounds from being made, sold, or possessed,
• Restricting individuals under the age of 21 from obtaining a FOID card,
• Limiting the ability of individuals under the age of 21 to hunt, and
• Requiring law-abiding citizens to pay a $25 fee each for certain firearms currently owned or risk being charged as a felon.

Sign the petition to oppose the passage of HB 5855 and the erosion of our Second Amendment Rights.

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