Rep. Butler Elections

Many Americans and Illinoisans are worried about the state of our democracy.

With election reform and redistricting regularly in the news, our election laws and how elections are administered matter more than ever. Ensuring the integrity of our voting systems through increased transparency is paramount to restoring election integrity and voter confidence in Illinois.

I have joined with legislators from across Illinois to introduce a package of reforms that will keep transparency and integrity top of mind to help restore faith in our elections in Illinois.

Removes Voters from Rolls who Moved (House Bill 1920)
Requires Process to Self-Remove Invalid Registrations (House Bill 2598)
Requires ID to Vote (House Bill 2599)
Cleans up Vote by Mail Procedures (House Bill 2600)
Increase Vote by Mail Reporting by the State Board of Elections (House Bill 2601)
Increases Transparency of Vote Method Tracking (House Bill 2602)

Do you support legislative efforts to restore election integrity in Illinois through passage of this Election Integrity Reform Package?