Reject McHenry County Government Change

In 2012, McHenry County voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot proposal that would have changed the county’s government structure to a County Executive form of government. Despite 2:1 rejection of the referendum (64% NO, 36% YES), Springfield politicians have filed legislation to sidestep the residents’ wishes, and make those changes anyway.

HB 3317 would completely reorganize McHenry County’s current government structure, and give the County Board Chair broad, expansive powers, including sole veto power over county board decisions, a separate budget for his/her staff and resources, the authority to set the county budget, and authority to spend money without full board approval.

Tell Springfield they can’t change our government without our consent.

Who's signing

Bill Wright
Timothy Phalin
Meghan Tillson
Sharon Wilbeck
Don Kaminski
David Bjork
Joseph Ptak
Sandra Brunati
Michael Rein
larry thompson
Susanne Warner
William Boltz
Eileen Marhoefer
Michael Stanard
Rachael Lawrence
Scott Taillet
James Bishop
John Macrito
Deborah Jenssen
Diana Pozen
Jim Kearns
Lance Martin
Kim Maselbas
Cal Skinner
Steve Rooney
Stephen Beatty
Kerrie Johnson
Orville Brettman
Thomas Wilbeck
Theresa Fronczak
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