Illinois Democrats Hiding from $500 Million Chicago School Bailout

After poorly managing their finances for decades, Chicago Public Schools are demanding a $500 million bailout from Illinois taxpayers. CPS leaders are also looking to increase its share of annual state school funding, on top of the $600 million in sweetheart deals CPS receives, which arenā€™t available to other districts. To make matters worse, Democrat legislators are threatening to hold our schools hostage by refusing to fully fund our K-12 schools unless CPS get its no-strings-attached taxpayer bail-out.

Given these demands, do you favor fully funding our K-12 school aid formula NOW and allowing the Illinois State Board of Education to temporarily take over oversight of CPS ā€“ but never its debt or responsibilities ā€“ with the ultimate goal of making the system financially accountable to a school board elected by the people of Chicago?

What do you think?