Oppose the TAX on miles driven

Springfield Democrats are debating new ways to tax you. One idea is to tax your vehicle for every mile you drive!

House Resolution 766 OPPOSES the TAX on miles driven!

Sign this petition to support House Resolution 766 and let Springfield know you OPPOSE ANOTHER TAX.

Who's signing

Robert Hyde
Valerie Weiss
Bonnie Lardi
David Martin
Stanley Feldbusch
Alan Hall
Casey Clewell
Mark Kay
James Alich
Vicky Clewell
Michael Cooper
Christopher Rausch
Charles Stinnett
Monifah Thrift
Cheryl Nolden
Diane Nowicki
Dennis Ostrowski
Patrick Mammoser
Joyce Driver
Carrie Kruse
E & J Rohlfs
Stacy Ireland
Tim Gear
Donita Coffel
James Blogg
Benjamin Watts
David O'Connell
Dan Tompkins
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