Oppose the TAX on miles driven

Springfield Democrats are debating new ways to tax you. One idea is to tax your vehicle for every mile you drive!

House Resolution 766 OPPOSES the TAX on miles driven!

Sign this petition to support House Resolution 766 and let Springfield know you OPPOSE ANOTHER TAX.

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William H Potts Jr
Tiffany Gonzalez
Rhonda Showers
Andrew Byland
Eugenia Moreno
Donald Neer
Lester Dawdy
jeffrey rohr
Ron Lemke
Glenn Sommers
Kenneth Duchnowski
Kal Keiel
Keith Kmilek
Raymond Browell
Paul Polete
Carl Moran
Ronda Goldman
Cordell Crane
Mary Duran
Katherin Wojciechowski
Cheryl Lee
Keith Wiederwax
Elizabeth Weggesser
Richard Mortlock
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