Oppose the TAX on miles driven

Springfield Democrats are debating new ways to tax you. One idea is to tax your vehicle for every mile you drive!

House Resolution 766 OPPOSES the TAX on miles driven!

Sign this petition to support House Resolution 766 and let Springfield know you OPPOSE ANOTHER TAX.

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Marissa Martin
Michael Staniszeski
Matthew Williams
Barbara Prather
Larry Leriger
Kenneth Piehl
Lucas Wadley
Elizabeth Carney-Goeking
Nora Denault
Tonya Thiele
Julie Koerner
Carrie Bertrand
Melanie Boehm
Jennifer Robinson
Mary Parks
Shaun Grable
Julie Johnson
Craig Rabideau
Heather Karraker
Heather Karraker
Rachel Cunningham
Shanon Wosz
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