Oppose the TAX on miles driven

Springfield Democrats are debating new ways to tax you. One idea is to tax your vehicle for every mile you drive!

House Resolution 766 OPPOSES the TAX on miles driven!

Sign this petition to support House Resolution 766 and let Springfield know you OPPOSE ANOTHER TAX.

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Brenda Goines
David Peradotto
Jacob Lofgren
Jenna Jeffers
Sam Loiacono
Reba Wheeler
Michelle Lee
Janet Sinks
sherry allen
Phyllis Blumenstock
william isringhausen
Mark Serafinn
Joseph Tragesser
Brian Blaha
Jim Jordan
Donald Hennig
Larry Pierce
Michaela Barrios
Shirley Harder
Benjamin Sloan
Ron Young
Eugene Sittinger
Gary Schultz
Neil Luthra
Ronald Buckrod
Darcy Hamilton
Lisa Rolen
Andrew Moore
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