Let Income Tax Increase Expire - Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin

Let Income Tax Increase Expire

In a lame duck session in 2011, the Democrat-controlled legislature imposed a 67% income tax increase on every working person in the state of Illinois. They promised it was temporary and set it to rollback on January 1, 2015. Now they want to make that tax increase permanent.

We don't think it's right. If you agree, please add your name to the petition below and take the added step of sharing it with your friends.

Let's make them keep their promise.


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  • Todd Hardine
    signed 2014-04-16 12:08:41 -0500
  • Patrick McBride
    signed 2014-04-16 12:08:37 -0500
  • Stan Hirtzel
    signed 2014-04-16 12:05:03 -0500
  • William Dukeman
    signed 2014-04-16 12:04:22 -0500
  • John Ashley
    signed 2014-04-16 12:03:39 -0500
  • Johnnie Laukaitis
    signed 2014-04-16 12:02:41 -0500
    Waste not want not. Live within your budget.
  • Donald Hyman
    signed 2014-04-16 12:01:43 -0500
  • William von Besser
    signed 2014-04-16 11:59:21 -0500
    NO more taxes of any kind. Learn to live within your budget, that is what responsible adults do.
  • Alfred Burkett
    signed 2014-04-16 11:59:11 -0500
  • Joe Burris
    signed 2014-04-16 11:58:45 -0500
  • Joan Humes
    signed 2014-04-16 11:58:34 -0500
    This is so WRONG! Thank you for your support and addressing this critical issue
  • josh lanahan
    signed 2014-04-16 11:56:23 -0500
  • Rhonda Schwalb
    signed 2014-04-16 11:51:15 -0500
    The more money Quinn gets he thinks he has to spend it… instead of paying off the OUTRAGEOUS debt Illinois now has. Illinois is an embarrasement! It’s time to tighten the drawstring and put things into perspective! My motto has always been, if you don’t have the money, you don’t buy it/spend it! I know, I know… Quinn and Chicago have never heard of any such thing and would probably laugh in my face! Better yet… why don’t we just oust Chicago! Make them their own state!!! Maybe then the rest of the state could possibly live better lives!!! But for now… let the income tax increase expire!!!
  • susan shipanik
    signed 2014-04-16 11:50:25 -0500
  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-04-16 11:49:14 -0500
    Sign the petition: Let Income Tax Increase Expire
  • Tracy Darnell
    signed 2014-04-16 11:48:41 -0500
    Keep your promises….temporary means temporary!
  • Melvin Barnum
    signed 2014-04-16 11:48:06 -0500
  • Rodney Chute
    signed 2014-04-16 11:46:18 -0500
  • Tamara Martin
    signed 2014-04-16 11:42:32 -0500
  • Dennis Mitzner
    signed 2014-04-16 11:42:25 -0500
    The more we give the more they want to spend. It is a never ending pipeline that has to be stopped.

    Trim government and its inherent fat. I’m with you Rep. Kay. In all levels of government, the Dems don’t get it. Excuse me, they are getting my tax dollars; which is the only thing they want.
  • Donald Jones
    signed 2014-04-16 11:41:00 -0500
    To extend these taxes only invites more mismanagement and fiscal problems. Their word should mean something, obviously it doesn’t! Not only is this not right, but it is unethical.
  • David Greenberg
    signed 2014-04-16 11:40:47 -0500
  • Jeffrey King
    signed 2014-04-16 11:40:15 -0500
    It’s way past time to lower corporate and individual taxes, attract business by creating a profit friendly climate, AND balance the checkbook just like we all do!!
  • Jason Kruep
    signed 2014-04-16 11:39:52 -0500
  • Eleanora Breese
    signed 2014-04-16 11:39:26 -0500
  • Richard Sereday
    signed 2014-04-16 11:39:09 -0500
  • David Morris
    signed 2014-04-16 11:37:29 -0500
  • Scott Craig
    signed 2014-04-16 11:37:20 -0500
  • Charles Travers
    signed 2014-04-16 11:37:18 -0500
  • Larry Lorsbach
    signed 2014-04-16 11:35:38 -0500
    The tax increase was passed to eliminate the financial problems the legislature caused due to inaction for decades. Even with the extra income tax revenues our problems continue. Spending cuts needs to be taken instead of giving the legislature more taxpayer money to waste.