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  • Timothy Schmidt
    commented 2014-04-27 17:35:41 -0500
    The GOP has learned nothing, and has not done much of anything in Illinois for the citizens in the last 40 years. You did not bring health care, you have not protected the middle class in wages and jobs due to not stopping the illegal invasion that has displaced most American workers (want wasn’t off-shored had workers replaced with the new slave class) in the middle class.
    Now understand this, if you give amnesty to the illegals, you will never again win another election for the GOP. And do you know what? You really do not deserve to. Look at new guy Rauner, he’s a RINO. He is an elitist RINO, wolf in sheep’s clothing. Illinois has had it! Or prove that it will work again by halting ANYplans for amnesty for law breaking slave class that will never assimilate, but wants us to assimilate to their culture of gangs and corruption.
    What can you do in the future? You called me once before and I explained this. Did you listen or are we still going to finish off Illinois? Our only hope is for a TEA Party revolution here in Illinois, throwing all the RINO GOP out of office!