Graduated Tax Petition - Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin

Graduated Tax Petition

We, the undersigned, oppose the Democrats' Graduated Income Tax proposal. Under current Illinois law, the individual income tax rate will be 3.75 percent in 2015. Under a new plan, however, a higher 4 percent rate kicks in for people earning just $18,000. That income tax rate targets Illinois’ working class. 

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  • David Jordan
    signed 2014-03-06 05:22:04 -0600
    We look forward to the day that we move out of this corrupt state.
  • Kimberly Duvall
    signed 2014-03-06 05:02:18 -0600
  • Daniel Duzinskas
    signed 2014-03-06 04:53:07 -0600
  • Frank Andrekus
    signed 2014-03-06 04:52:44 -0600
  • Eric Henson
    signed 2014-03-06 04:48:14 -0600
  • Robert Livingstone
    signed 2014-03-06 04:30:17 -0600
    My wife and I have been looking at other states because we are fed up of the waste and corruption in ALL levels of government in Illinois. Instead of taxing more, lets discuss and review the underperforming, redundant, or flat out wasteful programs and departments that exist in Illinois today. When a large company fails to meet sales and/or profit budget numbers, they begin to look inward to internal waste and efficiencies along with how to increase revenue. I don’t believe we have a revenue issue in Illinois as Illinois is one of the highest taxed states. We must demand leadership that has lived in the real world, leadership that knows how to run a business, leadership that has made tough decisions, leadership that has ideas and a vision that may stray outside the old party line.
  • Alfred Nazario
    signed 2014-03-06 04:11:56 -0600
  • Darrel Swope
    signed 2014-03-06 03:44:07 -0600
    There was a 67% income tax increase imposed in 2011 and still in effect. We already pay some of the highest property taxes in the country , on and and on!!! When is enough enough? If our households conducted our finances the way the state of Illinois did. We all wopld be in the same shape. Illinois needs to not tax and spend. Time to finally consider if maybe this is why many businesses go to other states.

    One more item to consider. I, like most people here in Illinois cannot vote myself a raise.
  • Dan Kline
    signed 2014-03-06 02:49:00 -0600
  • Philip Koehlhoeffe
    signed 2014-03-06 02:16:11 -0600
  • Paul Neuhauser
    signed 2014-03-06 01:27:04 -0600
  • Ellen Malhotra
    signed 2014-03-06 01:09:00 -0600
    I am not a Republican. I’m an independent with a history of voting mostly Democratic. I am opposed to the graduated income tax. IL is taxing us to death because of its insatiable spending appetite. If you vote for this change, I will not vote for you.
  • joseph bencur
    signed 2014-03-06 00:49:31 -0600
    I will soon no longer be able to afford living in the state of Illinois. If i managed my household finances in the same manner as Illinois legislators manages taxpayer money, I would have declared bankruptcy years ago. I strongly appose a graduated income tax, as well as keeping the current rate. I do understand the need for taxes, but I fail to see what benefit I, and my neighbors are getting for the high rates (income and property taxes) that are paid now? What I do see is a total disregard for the taxpayers of Illinois. I have lived in this state, most of my adult life, and cannot recall a time when there was ever a disscusion about trying to save tax payer money, i seems it’s all about spending it.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the state’s constitution requires a balanced buget. when was the last time that occured?
  • Rocco Gilio
    signed 2014-03-06 00:35:10 -0600
    Enough already, I am getting the word out
  • Roy Kaufmann
    signed 2014-03-06 00:25:56 -0600
  • Jens-Peter Engelund
    signed 2014-03-05 23:52:53 -0600
  • Jim Nelson
    signed 2014-03-05 23:23:42 -0600
    No more taxes! You will drive everyone away from this great state!
  • Robert Murphy
    signed 2014-03-05 23:01:15 -0600
  • Doug Blum
    signed 2014-03-05 22:58:33 -0600
    We in Illinois cant stand to be taxed anymore. I do service work for a major company and get into a lot of homes . I am amazed at the number of people I hear every week about the taxes in Illinois and St Clair county and their plans on leaving this state because of corrupt politicians and outrages property taxes. You could buy a $ 200,000.00 home in south east part of TN and expect to pay $ 800. in annual property taxes. In ILLinois you will be expexcted to pay over $ 4000.00 annual. Tennessee has no state income tax . Time the people of Ill. need to wake up to the corrupt Politicians who or deep in our pockets.
  • Thomas olan
    signed 2014-03-05 22:54:55 -0600
  • Barry Gibbs
    signed 2014-03-05 22:52:23 -0600
  • James Soludczyk
    signed 2014-03-05 22:52:22 -0600
  • Bill Andrews
    signed 2014-03-05 22:34:15 -0600
  • Jane Olmsted
    signed 2014-03-05 22:10:30 -0600
  • Dominick Ruscitti
    signed 2014-03-05 22:10:18 -0600
    We are right on the verge of leaving this state. We have family here but the burdens of this state for the return are not worth it. An large number of people are leaving this state for good reason.
  • Joel Atkins
    signed 2014-03-05 22:09:00 -0600
  • Sheila Devall
    signed 2014-03-05 21:57:06 -0600
  • Harold Nelson
    signed 2014-03-05 21:45:56 -0600
  • wayne warszona
    signed 2014-03-05 21:39:55 -0600
    I* am totally against a graduated Income tax proposal that the Democrats are trying to push through because it will mean more taxes for hard working Americans will welfare people pay nothing and do not work for the money they get! Also we need to cut spending not increase taxes which seems to be the solution for all politicians!Wake up people you just can’t keep over spending while people are out of work! Get with it or we’ll find a way to get rid of you!!
    signed 2014-03-05 21:30:23 -0600